Health as an investment!

Investing in health, vitality and well-being of employees

Natural Feedback has developed health and vitality programs for companies that want to invest in health, vitality and well-being of their employees. Our healthcare costs continue to rise and more and more employers are looking for ways to reduce the often high costs. Investigations, recent and in the past show that well-being, health and vitality programs can really make a difference in reducing health care costs.

Reasons to invest in corporate health:

  • Cost reduction

  • Reducing stress and stress related complaints employees

  • Reducing employee sickness

  • Improvement of company reputation

  • Return on investment often 50% or more of the total investment

  • Targeted investment (less costs, more profit)

  • Increase in employee performance

  • Profit in the short and long term

  • Employee happiness increases

  • Increase of loyalty from employees to employer.

  • Increased willingness in creativity, effectiveness and overtime

  • More energy

  • Healthier working environment

  • Attracting and (longer) retaining top talent

In these modern times companies can not stay behind and offer a good basic salary alone.

By offering health, well-being and vitality in the workplace and beyond, you as a company can run ahead of the competition. (Think of Great Places to Work, for example).

What do you do as an employer to keep the company healthy?

How do you keep employees fit, motivated and efficient?

Doing nothing is outdated.

How does Natural Feedback offer the best service when it comes to health, vitality and welfare plans?


We work together with various specialists and therapists. Think of nutritionists, vitality coaches, trainers and professional athletes.


We have experience in vitality coaching and stress management.


We provide support through one of the most advanced software available in the field of nutrition and training, Virtuagym.


Certified Firstbeat coach in the team who makes lifestyle assessments and plans using advanced technology. Firstbeat is a device that measures the variable heart rate for three days. This gives us insight into stress, complaints, recovery, sleep, training and dietary patterns.


We offer different programs at different levels in guidance and stress management. Options for customized programs also belong to the possibilities.


We offer a clear analysis of needs and requirements. On this basis we come up with the right solutions.

All programs of Natural feedback offer:

  • Health assessments (depth varies per package)

  • Conclusion

  • Specified solutions

  • Health plan (short-term and long-term)

After the above we make a custom plan or you can choose from 4 different packages already compiled by Natural Feedback.

  • Pro online Virtuagym membership with nutritional plan for e.g. 12 months.
  • Four hours per person consultation and guidance from a nutritionist.
  • Stress and the importance of proper nutrition as a lecture or workshop.
  • Personal and online guidance.
  • Activity tracker or heart rate belt / tracker Neo with a connection to the Virtuagym membership and app.
  • Follow up, after a few months, we look at the progress and whether there is a need for more guidance.
  • Pro online Virtuagym membership with an emphasis on nutrition and vitality for e.g. 12 months.
  • Vitality, nutrition and stress lecture / workshop by a vitality coach and nutritionist.
  • Food on the work floor, a plan for healthy meals and snack options during work. An adapted plan can also be made for the company canteen, if available.
  • Personal and online guidance with an extra of 6 hours per employee with the right coach.
  • Choose from a tech activity tracker, heart rate belt or heart rate tracker with Virtuagym software linked to the Virtuagym membership and app.
  • Company challenges individually and as a group with nice inspiring rewards to also promote the vitality as a group.
  • Pro online Virtuagym lidmaatschap voor b.v. 12 maanden.
  • Uitleg FIRSTBEAT met intake gesprek persoonlijk of online.
  • FIRSTBEAT assessment.
  • Bespreking met een offerte voor een aangepast gezondheidsplan naar uitkomst van het FIRSTBEAT assessment.
  • Keuze uit een tech activity tracker, hartslag band of hartslag tracker gekoppeld aan Virtuagym lidmaatschap en app.
  • Workshop of lezing met onderwerpen als voeding, stress, vitaliteit, welzijn en training. We kijken waar de behoefte ligt naar aanleiding van de FIRSTBEAT assessments.
  • Persoonlijk en online begeleiding met een extra van 6 uren coaching per werknemer.
  • Twee follow ups en bedrijfsevaluatie met mogelijkheid voor een tweede FIRSTBEAT assessment en of meer coaching.
  • Pro online Virtuagym membership for e.g. 12 months
  • Explanation FIRSTBEAT with intake interview in person or online
  • FIRSTBEAT assessment
  • Discussion with a quote for an adapted health plan based on the outcome of the FIRSTBEAT assessment
  • Choose from a tech activity tracker, heart rate band, or heart rate tracker linked to the Virtuagym membership and app.
  • Two workshops or lectures about nutrition, vitality, stress, training and well-being.
  • Nutrition on the work floor. A plan for healthy meals and snack options during work. Possibilities for a health plan for the company canteen if available. We can also assist in finding healthy caterers, vegetables and fruit packages and the like.
  • Eight hours of personal and or online coaching and support where necessary
  • Two follow ups to see how it goes and possibly another FIRSTBEAT analysis after one year
  • Voucher for wellness or sports activities to promote relaxation. Consider, for example, a visit to the sauna, chair massages on the work floor, ekological care products, active workshops, bootcamps, company marathon or another sport and game day.
  • Natural Feedback can take on the organization.
Facts and submissions:
What could be the costs for not implementing a health program.
Estimated costs per day per 1 sick employee: €134 / 1300SEK (and rising).
Corporations can save money if they succeed in reducing sickness and absence. Natural Feedback helps corporations in succeeding.
Corporations with a focus on health and wellbeing for their employees will have 44% more satisfied employees compared to corporations who do not invest in health and wellbeing.
Health promotion programs are growing in popularity and many big companies are setting examples. Corporations saved millions of dollars because of promoting and implementing health programs. Wellness programs have become fundamental features in the benefits plans of many major organizations with Google as most notably.

Think of:
Google, Johnson and Johnson, NHS,
SAP, Accenture, Cisco, Canon, Unilever
Heineken, Standard Chartered, KPMG.

According to industry studies every dollar invested in overall wellness efforts yields a return on investment of at least 1,50 dollar.
Nutrition is basically the first thing to look at when we think of improving health in combination with training.
Natural Feedback Sweden certified nutritionists and trainers would help and offer support for companies and individuals. We believe nutrition and training has to be seen holistic. What goes in the body and how we move will affect directly our brain, body and soul. To be able to thrive as a human being it is of great importance to give the body the best tools possible. If nutrition and movement are right, the body will respond in a good way.
Concentration, health, and the way we feel and function will improve. Personally and at work.
It is important for companies and corporations to understand that when employees eat the right food and do the right exercises their working abilities will improve and companies will benefit from that.
In current times, questions arise as in what to invest in as employers.
Only a good salary is now a days not enough. People are more and more aware and conscious and their abilities to have to perform 24/7 is questionable. Internet is great but also a great source of stress just like social media. When do we switch off, when do we recharge ourselves to be able to perform better and quicker in a shorter amount of time?
Answer is investing in health besides salary. In nutrition, solutions for stress reduction and proper movement training.

Natural Feedback delivers complete packages. Easy accessible with great professional software without loosing personal involvement.