If you eat the right way …

but never do physical exercise, you still do not offer your body the best resources it needs for optimal health.

Training must be part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Natural Feedback offers online training with packages and memberships to Virtuagym in combination with nutritional advice.

There is a program for all levels of health

Tailor made if required. In this way training becomes part of your life the way you want it.

There are thousands of different trainings and goals available to choose from, and everything is connected in a fun way with your personal online membership page and app. You can choose to train in the gym or at home, even in the office or outdoors. Whatever fits best in your daily routine! No mandatory timetable to keep, only your schedule.

1 Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is important because it increases blood circulation and gets your heart rate up. Your heart will love you because you are training it. By training your body releases happy hormones that give stress relief benefits.

2 Strength

Strength training not only ensures that you look good, you will feel good too. Exercise strengthens your entire human being, your heart, brain, blood vessels, bones and muscles. Strength training is important for long-term health.


Balancing exercises are good because your body interacts with your brain. When you balance your body, your mind often follows. Stress reduction is a result of finding balance. Balance in your daily training schedule helps your body control movements.


Stretching exercises give your body flexibility and length. Stretching can feel like a massage and prevents stress blockages in your muscles that can cause all kinds of problems, such as back and neck complaints, nausea and headaches.

5 Warming up and cooling down

Warming up well before every workout prevents injuries and gives your body a good preparation. Cooling down after your workout brings your body into a balanced state.

6 Coordination

With coordination you learn to control movements of the body.

7 Mobilization

Mobilization techniques during training improves joint movements and can prevent pain and stiffness.

8 Fun

Fun in your daily exercise routine is important because it gives you the motivation you need to keep training. Choose what you enjoy most. Natural Feedback training coaches can help you set up a fun and personal training plan.